Apples: Slice them thinly, and you'll get crispy apple chips that are great for snacking

Bananas: When dehydrated, bananas turn into chewy, sweet snacks

Strawberries: Dehydrated strawberries make tasty, natural candies

Tomatoes: Sun-dried tomatoes are delicious in salads, pasta, or as a snack

Mangoes: Dehydrated mango slices are like tropical fruit leather

Carrots: Dehydrated carrots are perfect for adding to soups or as a crunchy snack

Bell Peppers: They become sweet and flavorful when dehydrated and are great in soups or as a topping for pizzas

Zucchini: Slice them thinly and dehydrate for zucchini chips

Herbs: Preserve fresh herbs like basil, thyme, or rosemary by drying them. They'll add flavor to your dishes year-round

Chili Peppers: Dehydrated chili peppers can be ground into powder for seasoning dishes or making your own spice blends