9 Back Exercises to Try, According to a Personal Trainer


This classical Pilates exercise targets your lower back muscles and extensors, which help with lifting objects. Include it after a warm-up or as part of your core routine.


Superman is an all-over body exercise that targets your erector spinae, core, upper back muscles, shoulders, and glutes. It's particularly effective for preventing injury before a lifting session.

Band Pull-Aparts

Add this exercise to your dynamic warm-up to target your upper back, including rhomboids and traps. It also activates stabilizing muscles that keep you upright. 

Bent Over Double Dumbbell Row

This efficient exercise targets major back muscles, including lats, rhomboids, traps, arms, and core.

Seated Row

The one-arm seated row targets clusters of back muscles like rhomboids, lats, traps, and supporting muscles. 

Renegade Row

This exercise combines a stabilizing plank with upper body movement, testing your back and core strength. Start with just your body weight.

Reverse Flies

Reverse flies strengthen your upper back (rhomboids and traps) and rear delts. Perfect the hip-hinging motion before starting and begin with a lighter weight, gradually increasing it.

Deadlift with Dumbbells

Deadlifts target the erector spinae, lower back muscles, hamstrings, and hips. Practice the movement before adding weight to master the form and reap the benefits quickly.

Farmer s Carry

This classic exercise works your upper back and traps, providing an all-over body workout. Expect to feel the effects across multiple muscles.